Employee Stories

On-site expertise

Pascual Genoves Valarino

Position: Senior Architect

Pascual is a Senior Architect with major on-site responsibilities. He emphasizes the “human quality” of Omrania’s corporate culture and the team effort required to address complex technical challenges.

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Mega-projects and a sense of achievement

Paulo Albuquerque

Position: Senior Architect

Paulo, a Senior Site Architect, enjoys the thrills of working on big projects that combine architecture, engineering, urban planning, and interior design. “The projects and people at Omrania stimulate and motivate me to be a better professional every single day.”

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From concept to final design

Edwin Peleo

Position: Senior Architect

As a Senior Technical Architect, Edwin knows best how to take an architectural concept to final design; going through a rigourous process of detailing, code compliance, coordinating with all engineering disciplines… etc. When asked about the CMA tower, he said “The majority of these details had to be developed from scratch (not from standard details). I also take much pride and pleasure in seeing how these details worked out and got constructed.”

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On changing technology and far-sighted values

Thajudeen Kunjuveeran

Position: Lead Architect

As a long-serving Lead Architect, Thaj has accompanied our evolution from hand-drawing to 3-D BIM technology. He says, “Working with Omrania has always been a challenging and continuous learning process. The management of the company strives to set uncompromised quality standards, and that has been the driving force for us to constantly be up-to-date.”

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Hard work and professionalism

Osama Radwan

Position: Chief Architect

As a long-serving Chief Site Architect, Osama was involved in bringing to life some of Omrania’s top projects such as the Kingdom Center and the CMA tower. He has been a member of Omrania’s family for more than 20 years, and he sees the company as “an architectural firm with a great legacy, conviction and creativity”.

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Technical solutions

Bashar Ja’ara

Position: Senior Mechanical Engineer

Bashar, a Senior Mechanical Engineer, excels at working out efficient mechanical systems for complex projects. He also knows how to maintain a high quality of work while keeping up with the usually tight deadlines of submissions. Bashar says about life in the office “I feel everyone in our team is a part of my family. Working in this environment is very healthy and gives the potential for achievement and success”.

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Amazing projects

Lana Al Shaer

Position: Interior Designer

Lana, an energetic designer, joined Omrania as a fresh graduate and got to work on a range of projects from residential villas, to mega projects like Arriyadh Metro Western Station and the CMA Headquarters “I really enjoyed working on this project because it was a combination of art and architecture. I absolutely loved the team and how we completed each other with creativity and innovation”.

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Interior Vision

Nouf AlMoneef

Position: Interior Architect and Designer

Nouf concentrates on interior design, collaborating with architects to design hotels, skyscrapers, and public buildings. He loves “brainstorming and sharing ideas with colleagues.”

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Omrania is my “professional” home

Nafez Al-Akhras

Position: Chief Technology Officer - CTO

As a Chief Technology Officer, Nafez enjoys the challenges of making technology work and drive Omrania forward “I enjoyed working on the company’s IT infrastructure because it presented challenges: How to build a solid, reliable and secure IT infrastructure at each office and with standardize systems”

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Great Experiences

Khaled Khalefah

Position: Chief Electrical Engineer

As a Chief Electrical Engineer, Khaled enjoys leading his team in delivering optimal solutions for electrical systems design in complex projects, such as the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Amman, Jordan. He also likes the family atmosphere at the office.

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The hidden layer of coordination

Mohammed Elsheikh

Position: Senior Planning Engineer

Mohammed excels at background technical studies, but he also enjoys coordination for mega projects. On the Ministry of Housing Projects he said “The work required coordination between different technical disciplines in Omrania, as well as A LOT of coordination with local municipalities and government ministries.”

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On the shift to Building Information Modeling

Mohamed Kayed

Position: BIM Process Coordinator

As a BIM Process Coordinator, Mohamed is involved in developing the BIM system at Omrania’s Riyadh Office. He enjoys the family feel to the work environment “Professional design firm with an exceptional and experienced team that come from different backgrounds…This is a place that will push you forward in your future career!!”

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