Work With Us

Do you like challenges? Join us!

Omrania is its people; their talents, passion, hard work, and their practical idealism.

If you are looking for :

  1. A family atmosphere at work
  2. A diverse and multicultural team
  3. A fair employer
  4. The best local firm in the market
  5. A long career
  6. Pushing limits and enjoying challenges

Then you have come to the right place!

Why work @ Omrania?

  1. Work with the best
    As part of a leading design firm in Saudi Arabia, our team gets the opportunity to work on the Kingdom’s most iconic and challenging architectural projects.
  1. Push limits
    We are constantly pursuing optimal solutions to problems. We try our best to nurture a culture that rewards the best pragmatic ideas.
  1. Enjoy the challenge
    Every employee plays a meaningful role in our growth. We look for self starters who are encouraged – from day one – to prove themselves.  And over time; each individual’s effort leads them to identify their roles in the bigger picture.
  1. Do something meaningful
    Responsibility is at the heart of what we do. Our team strives to create built environments that are functional, inspiring, durable, timeless, livable, contextual, and sustainable.  We work to advance society. If this is your cup of tea, please join us : )
  1. Explore Saudi Arabia
    Our multicultural team comes to Saudi Arabia from around the world to explore this booming new destination.
  1. Cultivate strong relationships
    Our diverse team is a “family” that is bonded together with a passion for design. Our people often form long-lasting friendships within and outside the office.
  1. Enjoy the benefits
    Omrania upholds a fair internal work culture, and we offer a competitive standard of benefits to promote wellness for our people and their families.  Moreover, we strive to support the needs of our employees’ life outside work.


We are a multicultural and diverse family of professionals.

We are driven by our belief that talent and hard work push the world forward, and they can come from anyone!  We believe that our diversity hones our competitive edge and contributes to our firm’s strength. Our work environment encourages individual who are self starters and who work to achieve their full potential.