Ambition and legacy

Meet our talented team! Asem Alzubeir, a senior architect who joined Omrania in 2009, enjoys working on projects that allow him to tackle new challenges and contribute to society, with “human comfort and the environment” foremost among design goals.


Why did you join Omrania?

Some architects are driven by their ambition to leave their fingerprint on signature projects, which they can point out later and say, “You see that? I was part of the team that designed that building.” Omrania has a blue-chip client base, a rich portfolio of iconic projects, and a reputation for being one of the leading architecture firms in the Kingdom. The combination of all these factors made Omrania so appealing to be part of!


What are your favorite projects you have worked on? And why?

Grand Mosque – KAFD
In addition to responding to the contemporary architectural language of the site context, we had to design for the sense of spirituality expected of this type of building. From the carefully-designed external folds and sleek 60m minarets to the spiritual and simple interiors, this project is my absolute favorite.

Waha Office Building
Human comfort and the environment were at the forefront of the design process. From studying sun exposure to noise generated by building equipment, everything was designed to ensure the users are always comfortable and focused while maintaining a contemporary and unique architectural language that has a subtle presence within the surrounding context.

Hilton Riyadh Hotel and Residence
From the elegant hotel rooms all the way to large and luxurious celebration halls, this project offered me a great learning experience. I believe that design architects must expose themselves to construction supervision experience, and seeing construction works comes together was an eye-opener to how drawings translate into functioning spaces.


What do you like most about working with Omrania?

The part I enjoy most about working with Omrania is the mutual commitment between the company and its employees. Omrania strives to expose its employees to new professional experiences on daily basis, in order to enrich and diversify their knowledge. This arrangement is perfect for individuals like me who seek continuous career development.


What is the most challenging part of the work?

Every project and every client is unique, and new challenges are always waiting around the corner for us to tackle. With Omrania’s continuous support, strong desire to out-perform others in the market, and commitment to create memorable and unique experiences for the building users, these challenges are always interesting to undertake.