Interior Vision

Nouf concentrates on interior design, collaborating with architects to design hotels, skyscrapers, and public buildings. He loves “brainstorming and sharing ideas with colleagues.”


Why did you join Omrania?

Omrania’s wide variety of project types, encouraging work environment, and creative team made me interested in becoming a member of this work force.


What are your favorite projects you have worked on? And why?

CMA Tower interior atrium installation
Dealing with different types of materials for the suspended installation, which was designed through parametric design.

Radisson Blu Hotel
I was able to create Saudi-specific design patterns for interior surfaces such as floors, walls, and screens.

Arriyadh Metro Western Station
I enjoyed being involved with the design of the market attached to the metro station, improving upon the older market that was there, and balancing a mix of uses in a collaborative way.


What is your favorite part of the day at work?

Interacting with clients, and brainstorming and sharing ideas with colleagues.


What do you like most about working with Omrania?

Collaborating with multiple disciplines to achieve excellence in work.


What is the most challenging part of the work?

To live up to the quality established by Omrania’s highly esteemed architects and designers.