Construction Tendering

Construction Tendering

We make sure the whole project team is qualified, capable, and committed to the job.


We consider it a privilege to work with our bold and ambitious clients. By providing oversight and guidance of the Construction Tendering process, we help clients reduce their risks and keep projects on time, on budget, and on a par with the highest quality of craftsmanship., Only the most qualified contractors are awarded contracts according to terms that are favorable to all parties.

Omrania’s Construction Tendering services include:


  • Conducting pre-qualification questionnaires and interviews of contractors to ensure that only the most qualified contractors are invited to tender for construction of a project.
  • Providing pre-qualified contractors with all documents necessary for tendering, including Instructions to Tenderers, Form of Tender, Form of Contract Agreement and Conditions of Contract, in addition to the design drawings, specifications, schedules and bills of quantities that define the project scope of work.
  • Convening of tender explanation meetings with contractors and responding to their queries as necessary.
  • Technical and commercial analysis of tenders received.
  • Contract negotiation with selected contractors.
  • Assisting project owners in the final award of contracts.


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