Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying

Accurate quantity surveying ensures successful projects and satisfied clients.


We appreciate the importance of controlling project costs and respecting client budgets. Through our in-house team of experienced surveyors, Omrania employs reliable quantity- and cost-measurement techniques based on up-to-date construction industry data. This process establishes initial project construction budgets for client review and approval, and allows for benchmarking and cost control throughout all phases of project development and construction, including:


  • Estimation of construction costs at project initiation and at key design milestones. These successive estimates give owners and design teams opportunities to modify the design as necessary to stay within the budget. At each successive design phase, our team employs increasingly sophisticated estimating techniques to provide a final, reliable pre-construction cost estimate based on measured quantities and current market rates for individual work items.
  • Analysis of contractors’ commercial tenders for construction. As part of project construction tendering, received proposals are benchmarked against pre-construction cost estimates to optimize project construction cost while remaining consistent with technical compliance.
  • Monitoring and reporting of project implementation costs throughout the construction period. This monitoring includes review and evaluation of change orders and contractors’ claims for additional work. Cost reports are compiled and issued to the owner at regular intervals during the construction period.
  • Evaluation of contractor’s interim payment applications and certification of the value of work executed, as well as the determination of final accounts upon completion of the construction contract.


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