Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Good design is not wasteful.


As we strive to create projects of lasting cultural value, we also ensure their economic integrity by focusing on what is important and eliminating what is not. Value engineering exercises are a vital element of our process that helps us understand the long-term costs of a project. Through experience and analysis, we’ve learned to make architecture more efficient, effective, and economical without sacrificing the quality or intent of design.

Omrania’s professional team includes planners, architects, engineers, and project-cost personnel who are all experienced in value engineering techniques. They work closely with our clients, consultants, and contractors, regularly conducting value engineering activities throughout the course of a project to identify and implement cost-savings solutions.

The value engineering process typically comprises the following activities:


  • Project data gathering
  • Analysis of function, systems, and design
  • Generation of ideas for alternative design solutions
  • Evaluation of alternatives with respect to cost, reliability, and availability
  • Development of preferred solutions
  • Recommendations for implementation


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