Value Engineering

Value Engineering

The key to excellence in project design lies in providing best value to project owners while satisfying all applicable design criteria and regulatory requirements.


With this in mind, the incorporation of cost-effective solutions on the basis of design knowledge and experience is inherent in Omrania’s approach to design of building and infrastructure projects. However, for projects of significant size, it is often beneficial to analyze in detail and compare the long term cost and quality attributes of alternative design solutions over the life of a project through formal value engineering exercises during the design process, in order to ensure that the objective of achieving best value for project owners is met.

Omrania’s professional resources include planners, architects, engineers and project cost personnel experienced in value engineering techniques, who work closely with project owners and their management teams, specialist value engineering consultants and contractors as appropriate in carrying out value engineering studies at pre-scheduled design and construction milestones.  

For any project, value engineering studies will typically follow a structured format comprising a series of distinct activities or phases, culminating in the identification of solutions that provide best value to a project. These activities include:  


  • Information gathering
  • Function analysis
  • Generation of ideas for alternative design solutions
  • Evaluation of alternatives in respect of cost, reliability and availability
  • Development of preferred solutions
  • Presentation of recommendations for implementation