Taking on challenges

Rene, Head of PHFP Section in Riyadh, thrives on challenges.  He has a sleeves rolled up approach to work and he enjoys working on Omrania’s most complex projects “completing each successfully makes your time worthwhile”.


Why did you join Omrania?

To have challenging professional practice and be involved with diversified projects.


What are your favorite projects you have worked on? And why?

Kingdom Centre
This iconic project of 5-star Hotel and commercial offices with its 300 m high skyscraper gives me a feeling of professional achievement.

Salam Park
I like the different types of environment this project offers. It is unique in the Kingdom to have a 3.5-hectare man-made lake and bird sanctuary. The park provides a close encounter with nature and a family weekend destination.

Hilton Riyadh Hotel and Residence
Its elegant and modern design is an improvement to the Riyadh landscape. And it is set in an appropriate location near offices and shopping.


What is your favorite part of the day at work?

When engineering design activity is at peak!


What do you like most about working with Omrania?

Omrania regularly acquires very challenging projects. And to succeed in completing each successfully makes your time worthwhile is what I like most working with Omrania.


What is the most challenging part of the work?

The greatest difficulty usually lies in the initial planning stage of a project. Determining spatial requirements, identifying and mapping out the building systems, and allowing for future improvements are critical to the successive stages. But once these early challenges are overcome, the puzzle usually falls into place.


If you were to recommend Omrania to a friend or colleague; what would you say?

At Omrania you will find interesting challenges