Launching a career in architecture

Abdulrahman has learned a lot since joining Omrania straight out of architecture school. He embraces hard work and the “high level of professionalism, respect, and appreciation” that defines Omrania’s culture.


Why did you join Omrania?

Omrania is number one in the market for quality and professionalism.


What are your favorite projects you have worked on? And why?

Exhibition of National Architectural Heritage Competition
This exhibition and office design project was my first challenge at Omrania. It was an interesting brief and I learned a lot from the design process.

Prototype Single Family Homes for the Ministry of Housing
This is a project of national scope that will change people’s lives through well-designing housing. The plan shows a respect for traditional Saudi culture while introducing new housing design concepts for today’s society.

Science City, Giza, Egypt
The whole team was focused on the successful development of the project. It was a great experience to learn how to handle and manage a team under pressure.


What is your favorite part of the day at work?

The end of the day, when you see the results of your efforts.


What do you like most about working with Omrania?

I appreciate the high level of professionalism, respect, and appreciation shared by all.


What is the most challenging part of the work?

The moments leading up to a design deadline, working under pressure.


If you were to recommend Omrania to your best friend; what would you say?

It will not be just a job — Omrania becomes like a family.