Civil Engineering and Utilities Infrastructure

Civil Engineering and Utilities Infrastructure

As cities grow, new infrastructure must anticipate the needs of the future and offer improved system performance.


Since before the days of ancient Rome, civil engineering and infrastructure works have made our cities safe, livable, and social environments. But many of today’s towns and cities weren’t originally built to support the population density that has come with rapid urbanization. We believe it’s critical for the design and construction of these vital systems to not only meet current demands but also anticipate future capacity, minimize environmental impact, and improve the quality of life for those it serves.

Our experience delivering comprehensive civil engineering and utilities infrastructure projects includes providing our clients with the following durable, flexible, and effective solutions:


  • Site development
  • Flood and stormwater management
  • Utility infrastructure
    • Potable water infrastructure and water treatment plants
    • Sanitary sewer infrastructure and sewage treatment plants
    • Stormwater drainage infrastructure
    • Irrigation
    • Medium- and low-voltage electrical power distribution
    • Street and public area lighting
    • Site power generation


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