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Urban Design | Master Planning

Omrania’s urban design strategies look beyond statistics and regulations to focus on a community’s livability, its identity, and its power to create a shared sense of belonging for multiple generations.


We believe that one of the most critical priorities of the modern world is to create urban centers and planned communities that are resilient in the face of environmental, economic, and cultural challenges. For Omrania, whether we are developing a new town or a single public space, “resilience” and “sustainability” aren’t just buzz words. They’re fundamental aspectsof our mission to improve lives through design, requiring us to think long-term about the promise and potential of each project.

We have extensive experience designing mixed-use developments, corporate and institutional campuses, and entire communities, with particular expertise in designing for extreme environmental conditions and diverse populations. Our interdisciplinary approach incorporates urban design, landscape architecture, transit, and engineering to create communities with a unique sense of place rooted in local culture.


Our urban design and master planning services include:

  • Site analysis — built and natural environment
  • Master planning
  • Community development
  • Phased growth strategies
  • Public space design
  • Sustainable urbanism
  • Civic centers
  • Heritage conservation areas
  • Streetscape design
  • Coordination with transport, civil, and infrastructure engineering
  • Design guidelines and regulations


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