Construction Contract Administration and Site Supervision

Construction Contract Administration and Site Supervision

We aim at ensuring quality of construction, and commitment to time schedules and prices. 


Consistent with Omrania’s approach of partnering with clients from project inception to completion and handing-over, Omrania offers a comprehensive professional contract administration and site supervision service aimed at ensuring that the quality of projects as designed is realized in construction and that construction contracts are executed within agreed time schedules and prices. Encompassing  the three principal categories of Contract Administration, Construction Supervision and Design Implementation, activities cover:


Contract Administration
  • Overseeing contractors’ planning, organization and execution of contracts.
  • Review, approval and monitoring of contractors’ construction schedules.
  • Review and verification of contractor’s interim payment certificates and change orders and assessment of contractors’  claims for additional work
  • Review and verification of contractors’ guarantees and insurances.


Construction Supervision
  • Monitoring the progress of works and ensuring that construction is in compliance with the contract drawings, schedules and specifications>
  • Ensuring adequate quality control of the executed works.
  • Monitoring and control of contractors’ health, safety and environmental plans and provisions.


Design Implementation
  • Ensuring  contractors’ correct interpretation and implementation of the design intent.
  • Review and approval of contractors’ submittals (shop drawings, materials, method statements, mock-ups, as-built drawings and operations and maintenance manuals).