The experience of a place is uniquely in influenced by the culture, the people and the landscape. The SUKNA Living Community is a special residential community that embraces the Saudi culture and climate while setting the trend for truly integrated communities.

This new mixed-use residential development is part of MODON’s Jeddah 4 project; a 5 development that includes Modon Oasis Industrial City and SUKNA. The Living Community is designedas a gated, mixed-use, medium density, community that offers a sustainable lifestyle up to international standards of living in the Kingdom.

The plan envisages a capacity of over 4,000 dwelling units. It offers a variety of housing options including:

  • Apartments
  • Front and rear accessed villas
  • Detached and semi-detached single family
  • Town houses
  • Service apartments

Housing types vary in size from one to four bedrooms and are aimed at families, bachelors as well as drivers. Other facilities include shopping, Friday and daily mosques, sport facilities, international school, community centers, fitness centers as well as public parks.


SUKNA Master Plan. © Omrania / Cambridge Seven Associates