Tag: Competitions

Secretariat General of GCC In Bahrain

  Omrania joins in a limited international design competition to design the Secretariat General of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Building Complex In Bahrain.   Grandeur and formality are the name of the game in this complex. Starting with the architectural masses and ending with the detailing language, everything works in harmony. A new interpretation of…

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Science City, Giza, Egypt

  Omrania joins in a limited international architectural competition to design the new Science City in the 6th of October City in Giza, Egypt.   Inspired by the agriculture science of Egypt, Omrania creates a concept with interesting forms and circular boulevards that connects the complex functions of the campus together. A web of intricate…

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National Architectural Heritage Exhibition

  Omrania competes in a limited international design competition and presents a building that addresses architectural heritage, embraces modern times, and brings lessons of the past to future builders.   Situated on the edge of the UNESCO world heritage site in Ad-Dir’iyah, the design of this unique complex is inspired by the old city’s defensive structures. A series of heavy…

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