National Architectural Heritage Exhibition

National Architectural Heritage Exhibition, Ad-Dir'iyah, Riyadh - 3D Render © Omrania


Omrania competes in a limited international design competition and presents a building that addresses architectural heritage, embraces modern times, and brings lessons of the past to future builders.


Situated on the edge of the UNESCO world heritage site in Ad-Dir’iyah, the design of this unique complex is inspired by the old city’s defensive structures. A series of heavy walls rise from the ground and contrast with a rhythm of light and intricate boxes that contain the functions of the building. A segment of the historic wall of the city is recreated where it once was marking the entrance of the exhibition; where the visitors start a journey of architectural heritage exploration!


Project design was the result of a successful joint venture between Omrania and  Atelier Brückner

For more on the design of the  National Architectural Heritage Exhibition, please visit the project page.