The King Abdullah International Gardens have been designed to become a world-leading unique and environmentally sensitive botanical garden. The project is set within the arid desert of central Saudi Arabia and will create a facility that not only educates but also excites and entertains. Paleobotanical Gardens will be created within two interlocking, crescent-shaped biomes, showcasing the site’s passage through time, while the Garden of Choices will depict what the future may hold if climate change continues or is arrested. The award-winning 160 ha scheme is set to become one of the principal educational resources in the understanding of climate and sustainable development. Power will be derived from the sun, water will be recycled and much of the rock, gravel and soil on the site will be used.



Omrania assisted Riyadh Municipality in managing the project and site supervision; including:  Design evaluation and review, budgeting, scheduling, and review and compilation of tender Documents.


King Abdullah International Gardens (KAIG), Master Plan, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.