Project Brief 
Inspired by the dynamic undulating sand dunes of the Arabian landscape and its geology, the iconic building aims to shine in the world’s skyline as a landmark for Culture, yet being site specific and rooted in the Saudi Arabian Culture and history.

Creating an icon of quality and sustainability, the project also wishes to create spaces, which becomes sensational and intriguing joining the cultural variety of activities in a rich environment, which in turn stimulates dialogue and interaction for all users no matter age, background or purpose. Openness, interaction and energy are some of the key elements of the identity of this fascinating destination.

From a distance the building stands out as a beacon of light and movement that attracts the surrounding areas and emits culture to the people displaying its changing functions and events day and night. At a closer range the building glimpses with a rich variety of functions and spaces, it is a magnet; people are drawn to visit the building and its lush and playful landscapes regardless of its content.

It is iconic and intriguing yet user friendly and inviting. It is a destination of choice in its own right regardless of its contents. The Center is a dynamic interactive learning hub that culminates in an energetic, yet sensitive architecture, a landmark for the modern Cultural Centres, an identity for a new culture to come, a building that evokes the same sublime feeling as a beautiful piece of art.