As physical containers for the society’s shared knowledge, King Abdulaziz Library and Auditorium buildings have shouldered an enormous responsibility. Beyond merely serving as archives and a lecture hall, the two buildings are designed to inspire. Housed in architecturally elegant structures, these two places celebrate human achievement with awesome environments.

The two buildings are part of King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre (or Al-Murabba’a); a unique historic rehabilitation and urban infill project that spreads over a total site area of approximately 374,000m².  It was here that the foundations of the Saudi state were laid.  and today, the government has beautifully revived this area to become a cultural centre open to the public.  Within a wealth of history and marvelous architecture, Omrania’s mission was to design the Library and Auditorium buildings to blend with the capital’s historic architecture and to withstand the test of time.


King Abdulaziz Library & Auditorium – Site Plan © Omrania


The Riyadh stone is one of the most remarkable elements of the complex. This consistent beige-colored, uniform limestone catches the bright Saudi light, reflecting sharply during morning hours, and emitting a honeyed warmth in the afternoon.  This stone was chosen for this project because it is often associated with public architecture and expresses qualities the Historical Center celebrates: permanence, solidity, simplicity, warmth, and craftsmanship.

Following the success of King Abdulaziz Public Library; a new branch library was developed at King Abdulaziz Historical Center.  It has a total area of 98,000m2 .  It provides its services for men, women and children.  This library consists of reading halls, Audio-Visual hall, manuscript hall, as well as multi-purpose hall serving cultural activities.  It is furnished with separate administrative offices for males and females.

The lecture auditorium is set up for hosting international conferences, symposiums, and drama activities.  In addition, it is fully equipped with modern display tools and instant translation unit.