The GOSI Office Park is a unique mixed use development in Riyadh city.  It  has become a land mark in the city, as it offers contemporary architecture, attractive green spaces, flexible office space equipped with state-of-the-art communication technologies, as well as a location far from traffic congestion.



The park occupies a 133,157 m2 site, strategically located  along the Eastern Ring Road; the major corridor linking the Capital with its International Airport.

The Park incorporates 6 high-rise office towers, 4 low to medium rise office buildings, a green park, a business centre, underground parking, and 8 low-rise residential buildings.

  1. High Rise Office Buildings
    Six commercial office buildings located along the southern border of the site, varying in height between 15, 17 and 20 storeys.
  2. Medium/Low-Rise Office Buildings
    Four Commercial office buildings with 7 and 5 storey heights located along the North side of the underground parking structure.
  3. Business Center
    The business center is 2 storeys high.  it is located centrally between the medium rise office buildings.  It incorporates multi-purpose halls, cafeteria, administration offices, meeting rooms and restaurant.
  4. Residential Buildings 
    Eight 2 storeys high residential buildings (town house type) located along the northern border of the site. Each building accommodates 4 apartment units of three to four bedrooms per unit.
  5. Green park and underground parking 
    Central landscaped garden with 4 levels underground parking structure.  The development provides parking for over 4,000 cars in total.
  6. Central infrastructure facilities 
    A dedicated central chiller compound to serve the entire development, in addition to an on-site sewage treatment plant providing treated sewage effluent for landscaping irrigation.


GOSI Office Park – Aerial View – 3D Render © Omrania


A 4-levels underground parking structure for 3,680 vehicles is provided in the central area of the site between the high and medium rise office buildings.  The parking structure has unique sunken terraced gardens, which permit substantial amount of day light and natural ventilation to penetrate all floors of the underground parking. Pedestrian access is provided from the parking area to each office building at first basement level