Project Brief 
The new Ladies Administration Building complements the iconic character of Riyadh Municipality projects.  It also demonstrates local values in innovative ways, and conveys a magical sense of transition.

The building is designed to be an architectural icon that stands out in its dense urban surrounding.   Maximum efficiency is applied to spatial planning, resulting in a compact footprint set within a beautifully landscaped garden.

The building massing is sculpted with landscape pockets to create an introverted plan. That provides for a completely private work environment, and allows generous daylight to filter through into the interior space.  The building envelope is perceived as a solid crust which wraps the interior and responds to both elements of privacy & climate. The crust shields undesired views and cuts-off the harsh sun light.  Carefully carved openings allow the users to enjoy views towards the green landscape.

The interior is treated with a minimalist approach, maintaining the formal identity of the institution as well as providing a bold modernist character.  The entry to the main atrium is characterized by a sense of exploration, where the rigid rustic external walls unfold to reveal the polished interior finishes.  A central naturally lit air conditioned space (atrium) serve as a waiting area for visitors as well as a pre function zone for events.  The atrium is injected with a three dimensional visual experience; looking out to green pockets on multiple levels as well as glimpses of the functions wrapping around it.