Kingdom City will be the largest real estate development to be built in Jeddah housing the tallest tower in the world.  Prominently located on a prime 710 hectare site, it will establish the new northern District Sub-centre for the City of Jeddah.

The centrally located iconic Tower will generate interest and act as a catalyst for adjacent development.  The project will be comprised of commercial, residential, institutional, entertainment, retail and hotel facilities, in addition to a vibrant “Main Street” shopping district at the heart of this new mixed use community. The site has a fully integrated system of linked open spaces and parks that are connected through landscaped walkways and bicycle paths to the public waterfront that runs through the site. The waterfront along the inland waterway is the primary public open space in the development, winding its way through the principal neighborhoods as it transitions from the Red Sea to Obhur Creek.


Photo © Omrania / HOK / Pickard Chilton


The site is organized into a series of different neighborhoods that feature specific centralized focal points.  High density commercial office development is concentrated along the Central Boulevard and surrounds the east side of the Tower in the Business District. This is framed by low-density commercial office acting as a buffer to the north and the south of the Central Boulevard. High and medium density residences and hotels are concentrated in the waterway corridor along the western side of the site. Mixed-use development is located at the core of the urban community in the southwest part of the site and on the short main street area in the northern villa neighborhood. Villa and townhouse neighborhoods are located along the northern and south eastern edges of the site. Special land uses – the Retail Complex, the primary infrastructure yard, the Community Facilities Campus and the College Campus sit as buffers along the eastern side of the south boundary of the site. Special landmark buildings – the Tower and Mosque, sit in prominent, visible, central locations.

The central waterway serves as a recreational resource for the entire community.  It will provide a continuously accessible landscaped right-of way along the water’s edge, making the waterway and shoreline a major open space and park within the community. Because of its design and orientation, the waterfront will also provide beautiful views for the entire extent of its length.