Omrania was commissioned in the late 1980s by developer Nisses Millbank Ltd. to renovate 4 Millbank, a prestigious office building in the historic core of London. The 1916 building overlooks the River Thames and stands just a short walk from Westminster Abbey. While restoring the six-story building’s limestone exteriors, Omrania completely redesigned its interiors and updated its mechanical systems to Grade A standards. This contextually sensitive project supported the redevelopment of 4 Millbank as a high-end, multi-let office and residential complex for a new era.

The most dramatic change is the addition of a spectacular, skylit atrium in the heart of the structure. This seven-story light court, on axis with the original corner entrance tower and grand stair, provides a unique gathering space for occupants and visitors. Its internal facades echo the composition and character of the exterior elevations, while taking full advantage of modern glass technology to bring in daylight.

Other aspects of the intervention were more discreet. In addition to cleaning and repairing the building’s original Portland limestone facades and slate roofs, Omrania designed the addition of a gallery level on top of the building. The mullion-less glass curtain wall system is set back and virtually invisible from the street, following a careful study of sightlines. The building also required a new climate control system. Instead of running a traditional ducted air conditioning system through the ceiling, Omrania engineered an underfloor system with an accessible plenum for maintenance. Occupant comfort and ease of maintenance were considered at every level of design.

The renovated building became an important production studio for the BBC and other broadcasters reporting on the nearby Houses of Parliament. It also houses office tenants, a café/restaurant, and a fitness club with a swimming pool. High-end residential apartments occupy the building’s tower pavilion on Great Peter Street. Today recognized as both a historic landmark and a center of contemporary urban life, 4 Millbank reflects a balance of preservation, renovation, and innovation.


Four Millbank – Elevation © Omrania