Construction Completed on MOH Pilot Project

Ministry of Housing Project in Hinakiya, Al-Madinah Region - 3D Render © Omrania


Infrastructure construction is completed on the first of the Ministry of Housing (MOH) projects in Hinakiya, in the western region of Saudi Arabia.


The 470,023 sqm new housing community is part of the Ministry’s program “land & loan”; which aims at increasing market supply of small residential plots zoned for detached single family houses. The project includes 410 plots sized 500 sqm (20 x 25 m), along with comprehensive services such as kindergartens, schools, retail, health point, parks, mosques … etc.


Ministry of Housing (MOH) project in Hinakiya - Landuse Plan © Omrania


Omrania is working with the Ministry of Housing on the master planning of 26 new residential communities in the western region of the Kingdom, with a total land area of 45 million square meters. This project in Hinakiya and others aim at designing sustainable residential environments that offer the followings:


  1. ideal plot sizes and home designs
  2. residential communities planned to fit the Saudi way of life
  3. comprehensive services
  4. attractive public realm
  5. pedestrian friendly environment
  6. easy and safe traffic flow
  7. sustainable infrastructure


For more on the MOH Projects, please visit the project page

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