Life @ Omrania : The Amman Office

A variety of meeting spaces support collaboration in Omrania’s Amman office. Photo © Nabil Qutteineh / Omrania.


The modern, light-filled work environment embodies the company’s core values and design philosophy.


Completed in 2014, Omrania’s branch office in Amman, Jordan is designed with the needs of today’s professionals in mind. Its combination of edgy sophistication and quiet elegance reflects the company’s contemporary identity.

The 1,111 square-meter office overlooks the homes, embassies, and commercial establishments of Amman’s prestigious Abdoun district. The design objective was to create an inviting work environment that stimulates creativity and collaboration while also allowing staff to focus in privacy. Work spaces consist of open studio spaces filled with natural light, translucent glass-fronted offices for the management team, and a variety of open and enclosed spaces for meetings and informal interactions. A large skylight over the reception area provides a welcoming environment for staff and visitors.

The interior finishes evoke a warmly modern sensibility befitting the creative minds that walk through the door every morning. Full-height accent walls of walnut or travertine bring natural tones and patterns into the understated, neutral space. Boldly colorful accents evoke youthful energy in the meeting spaces. Along the perimeter glass curtain walls, translucent sunshades allow natural light to filter in while reducing glare and solar heat gain. Modern furniture classics and office systems combine utility, comfort, and style.

Here at the Amman office, designers and engineers enjoy an energetic yet casual work environment — key to enhancing employee satisfaction as well as productivity and teamwork.


The design studios are open, spacious, and filled with natural light. Photo © Tamara Haddad / Omrania.
An informal meeting space with modern furniture and sophisticated finishes. Photo © Nabil Qutteineh / Omrania.
The skylit reception area, articulated by stone and wood accent walls. Photo © Tamara Haddad / Omrania.
The 20-seat conference room features integrated media technology and a view of the city. Photo © Nabil Qutteineh / Omrania.

Omrania, a renowned architecture firm, has established a reputation for excellence in blending aesthetic and functional design, setting a benchmark for architecture firms in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.