Finding Opportunity and a Sense of Belonging

Mai serves as Chief Architect in Omrania’s Amman office, and coordinates BIM integration across the entire company. She reflects on the professional opportunities, teamwork, and sense of belonging found in the Omrania work environment.  


What do you appreciate most about working at Omrania?

I appreciate that there are always opportunities to excel, and also the warm sense of belonging at Omrania.


How does the company offer opportunities to excel?

Omrania is a workplace that encourages initiative and exploring new ideas. There are so many opportunities to participate in design challenges and to develop creative approaches at every scale. Everyone can contribute their talents and skills.


Are there opportunities to learn?

Yes, we continue to educate ourselves and learn from each other. Our educational lives extend beyond university, evolving in response to professional challenges. The workplace becomes a hub that sets the parameters for a distinguished professional life, with opportunities to learn new ideas, combining thought and practice at every scale.


How does this sense of opportunity translate to the whole team?

The work environment at Omrania is a gathering of talented people with diverse backgrounds. It is great to work with such a talented and knowledgeable team. The competition is high, so there is no choice but to excel!


Could you explain what you mean by ‘sense of belonging’?

The sense of belonging at Omrania is an outcome of being supported, included, and accepted by leaders and colleagues in the work environment. It is a homelike feeling of being safe and secure, which promotes the team effort.


Does this sense of belonging affect the quality of your work?

Yes, in a positive way. Having the support and trust of our colleagues allows us to be more productive and more successful in meeting goals. It allows us to embrace responsibilities, become more focused, and perform at a higher level.


What advice would you give to someone who is applying to work at Omrania?

Omrania’s work environment is unique, fair and humane. This ‘all together’ mentality is the ground on which we build. So, if you have an opportunity to join the Omrania team, think of this as step one on your path to excellence. Be ready when opportunity comes — luck is the time when preparation and opportunity meet.


Here are some of the BIM related activities that Mai has been recently engaged in:

– Developing a strategy to implement BIM in the construction sector in Jordan in coordination with JEA and ETC.
– Speaker at the A/E Business Council/ Jordan. Session title: Omrania’s methodology in implementing Revit & BIM at A/E Business council.
– Part-time instructor at GJU, Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment, Department of Architecture and Interior Architecture. Course title: Working Designs ARCH351.
– Speaker @ The First Jordanian International Conference on Architecture and Design. Session title: The BIM
– Speaker @ BIM & The Measure of Success Conference 1 organized by JEA. Preparatory Session entitled: X-Shades on BIM: The BIM and BIM Capability and Maturity.
– Speaker @ BIM & The Measure of Success Conference 2 organized by JEA. Preparatory Session entitled: X-Shades on BIM: BIM search for Knowledge.
– Speaker @ BIM & The Measure of Success Conference 2 organized by JEA. Main Session entitled: Transforming to BIM, The case of Omrania.