Project Brief 
The design embraces the future of banking and emphasizes current and expected technologies and trends.  The new prototype represents a forward thinking bank which is inviting, futuristic, and relaxed, while creating a private environment for VIPs, men and women alike.  .

The minimalist and cool exteriors & interiors are punched up with accents extracted from the lines and colours of the logo, thereby reinforcing the association with the brand.  The glass fritted façade screens bring privacy and light to the interiors, while the logo-inspired patterns will cast shadows on the floor which reflect the logo in abstract form.

The main box is lifted off the landscaped berm by a clerestory window, thus enhancing the lightness of this element. The entrances are clear of structure in order to present an open and inviting entry points. The intention is to bring the outside in and vice versa.

The design of the ATMs also makes use of the abstracted logo screen, creating a canopy which utlizes the unifying element from the facade to strengthen the brand value.  The screen will be constructed from a lightweight steel structure with perforated metal panels lifted off a reinforced concrete wall which bears the logo of Al-Jazira.