The visual impact of the KAFD and the PIF Tower

The PIF Tower rises above the forest of towers of the KAFD. Photo © Ali Al Mubarak


By any measure—physical, visual, or symbolic—the PIF Tower has redefined the skyline of Riyadh. Photographers are noticing.


Architecture does not only belong to building owners or architects. It belongs also to its environment and the people who use it, experience it, and sometimes photograph it. In the case of the PIF Tower (formerly known as the CMA Tower), the visual impact and allure of the tower is evidenced in the countless images and videos recorded by professional and amateur photographers alike.

This dramatic video sequence drops downward along the crystalline facade of the PIF Tower. Video © Mubarak-Aljameeli


Omrania had the privilege of designing this new civic icon as part of a joint venture with HOK. Soaring 385 meters high, the PIF Tower anchors the financial plaza of the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD). In homage to the effort put forth by our talented team and all of our collaborators in the Kingdom and beyond, who worked to bring the PIF Tower to fruition, we have selected few inspiring photos and videos to share.

Photo © Abdullah Aledey
Photo © Ali Al-Mubarak
Photo © Ali Al-Mubarak
Photo © Ali Al-Suhaibani
Photo © Fahad Alhussain
Photo © Fahad Alhussain
Photo © Abdullah Aleisa
Photo © Fahad Alhussain
Photo © Fahad Al-Harbi

The soaring PIF Tower in Riyadh’s KAFD has captured the attention of talented photographers. Photos © Abdullah Aledey, Abdullah Aleisa, Ali-Alsuhaibani, Bader Alotaby, Fahad Alhussain, Fahad-Alharbi, and Ali Almubarak