Stunning Views of PIF Tower to Close Out 2021

The PIF Tower, KAFD,  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Photo © Groupe F.


As we prepare for a new year, we reflect on 2021 with gratitude for our extended community of clients, collaborators, and team members — and the talented photographers who allow our work to be shared across the globe.


A great building is like a friend on the skyline. You see it over and over again, but always in a different light. The world changes, but it remains there. In the case of the PIF Tower, the 385-meter office tower designed by Omrania and HOK, there is so much to see in its prismatic form and sun-protected curtain wall. We can certainly understand why so many photographers are pointing their cameras at this and other outstanding structures in the King Abdullah Financial District. Omrania is honored to see the incredible images produced by professional and amateur photographers, which capture the essence of some of the buildings we have worked on. With thanks to the photographers featured here, and gratitude to our wider community.

The PIF Tower within the KAFD.  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Photo © Bader Otaby Via ShutterStock


The PIF Tower within the KAFD.  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Photos © KAFD.