Recap from Omrania’s 2017 Corporate Iftar Event

The company’s 2017 annual Iftar banquet event hosted 300 Omrania team members and guests


On Monday 12 June 2017, 300 of Omrania’s team and guests gathered to participate in the company’s 44th annual corporate Iftar event hosted at the distinguished Al-Faisaliah Hotel in Riyadh.


Following the Iftar banquet, Mr. Basem Al-Shihabi — Managing Director and co-founder of Omrania — addressed the audience and presented the three newest junior partners at Omrania: Mr. Meshal AlButhie, Mr. Suleman AlHomran, and Mr. Abdulrahman AlSamhan. These junior partners are freshly minted architects who bring talent and ambition to renew the company’s team of partners for the next generation.

Mr. Abdulsalam Haddad, Director of Business Development and Marketing, discussed Omrania’s new marketing and communications efforts through online and offline channels. The new marketing and communications initiative shows that Omrania, after 44 years as a successful enterprise, is working to enhance its profile as leading practice and thought leader on the international stage.

The evening also featured two short inspirational movies highlighting Omrania’s multidisciplinary team and various current and completed projects. In addition, awards were presented to long-serving team members.


Managing Director and co-founder Basem Al-Shihabi introduced three new junior partners at the company’s 44th annual Iftar event.
Meshal AlButhie, a newly promoted junior partner who works on architectural design and site supervision, expressed his optimism for the future.
Omrania’s Head of Architecture and Interior Design Department, Mahmoud Abughazal.
A view of Omrania’s 44th annual corporate Iftar event in a ballroom of the elegant Al-Faisaliah Hotel in Riyadh.