Pioneering Design Mastery at Omrania with PM4DP

In September 2023, Omrania achieved a significant milestone by offering its design professionals a unique training experience – the “Project Management for Design Professionals Course” (PM4DP). This course, led by the experienced Architect and Project Manager Don Ardiel, represents a notable achievement in project management.

PM4DP was thoughtfully designed to equip design professionals with the skills and tools necessary for overseeing successful projects within the design realm. Don Ardiel’s course is distinctive for its practical approach, using real-life examples and exercises from the field of architecture.

The course addressed key aspects of project management, including project initiation, scope definition, budgeting, risk management, stakeholder communication, and quality assurance. It wasn’t limited to the classroom; participants engaged in hands-on exercises, real-case studies, and interactive discussions.

Omrania divided participants into two groups, each comprising 25 employees from both the head office and engineering office. Group 1 attended from September 6th to 12th, 2023, while Group 2 followed from September 13th to 19th, 2023, with each group benefiting from a comprehensive five-day program.

The PM4DP course is set to transform Omrania’s architects and engineers, providing them with the essential tools to handle complex projects effectively. This comprehensive training program will not only enhance their professional skills but also strengthen Omrania’s reputation for design excellence, ensuring that every project the firm undertakes is exemplary. This marks the first step of a series of training courses planned for our team, demonstrating Omrania’s commitment to continuous improvement and the development of our design professionals.

Omrania, a renowned architectural firm, is widely recognized for its commitment to achieving a harmonious integration of aesthetic and functional elements in design, thereby setting a standard for other architectural firms in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.