Omrania’s Mahmoud Abughazal Speaks At KSU

What can architecture students expect as they enter the professional world? Mahmoud Abughazal, Omrania’s Head of Architecture and Interior Design, answered KSU students’ questions.


In a recent lecture at King Saudi University, Omrania’s Head of Architecture and Interior Design discussed the role of the architect today and the transition from school to the workforce.


Mahmoud Abughazal presents Omrania’s design process for the KAFD Grand Mosque at the College of Architecture and Planning at King Saud University.


Mahmoud Abughazal, a member of the Omrania Board of Directors, is an alumnus of the College of Architecture and Planning at King Saud University. On November 23, he returned to his alma matter to share lessons from his professional experience and describe the responsibilities and expectations of a designer in a modern multi-disciplinary consulting practice like Omrania. He anticipated common student concerns such as, “Am I equipped and ready to perform?” and “What am I expected to do?” in a professional setting.


Mr. Mahmoud Abughazal received a certificate of appreciation from the Collage of Architecture and Planning at KSU.


Mr. Abughazal focused on questions of practice and constructability in the real world. He discussed the importance balancing design aspirations with practical consideration such as budget, time, and durability. Using Omrania’s recently completed KAFD Grand Mosque as a case study project, he illustrated the process of concept and design development through construction in detail. Some of the key ideas presented in this talk include the importance of knowing history, the significance of contextual analysis, the relationship between architecture and interior design, and the benefits of strong collaborations with structural and MEP engineers to ensure a building’s details reinforce the big ideas.

Look for a future blog post on these topics by Mr. Abughazal.