Omrania’s Board of Directors Convene Following Corporate Restructuring

Omrania's new Board of Directors. From right to left: Mr. Charles Trad, Mr. Othman Al-Washmi, Mr. Abdulwahab Al-Khudairi, Mr. Basem Al-Shihabi, Mr. Suleiman Al-Hadithi, Mr. Abdulsalam Al-Haddad, Mr. Alaa Saed. Photo © Omrania


Following Omrania’s restructuring as a limited liability company, the Board of Directors held their first official meeting, laying the foundation for years of continued growth and success. The seven-member Board includes new independent members as well as company partners.


On Thursday, 10 February 2022, Omrania’s new Board of Directors met for the first time since the company’s legal status was changed from a professional engineering company to a limited liability professional engineering company. The change is meant to provide stability and continuity as the firm, founded in 1973, prepares to mark its 50th anniversary and embarks on ambitious projects in the Kingdom and beyond. 

The meeting was headed by the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Basem Al-Shihabi, a founding partner of the firm. It was hosted in Omrania’s new engineering offices in the ELITE complex, adjacent to the company’s head offices in the Waha Building in Riyadh. 

In all, the Board of Directors now includes three senior partners, three independent members, and the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. The seven members are listed below: 


Board of Directors
  • Mr. Basem Al-Shihabi, Chairman of the Board; Partner, Omrania.
  • Mr. Abdulwahab Al-Khudairi, Independent Member.
  • Mr. Suleiman Al-Hadithi, Independent Member.
  • Mr. Alaa Saed, Independent Member.
  • Mr. Othman Al-Washmi, Partner, Omrania.
  • Mr. Abdulsalam Al-Haddad, Partner, Omrania.
  • Mr. Charles Trad, Chief Executive Officer, Omrania.


Following the meeting of the Board, the Directors were joined by other members of Omrania’s management team for a business lunch. Among these were:


Junior Partners
  • Mr. Meshal Al-Buthie.
  • Mr. Suleman Al-Homran.
  • Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Samhan.


Executive Directors
  • Mr. Mutasem Diab, Director, Jordan.
  • Mr. Majdi El-Shami, Director, Operations.
  • Mr. Maher Shkoukani, Director, Design Projects. 
  • Mr. Rukn Eldeen Mohammed, Director, Special Projects.
  • Mr. Mahmoud Abughazal, Director, Design.


Heads of Departments (present at lunch)
  • Mr. Mukhtar Ibrahim, Head of Structural and Civil Engineering Department.
  • Mr. Omar Al-Sayed, Head of Electro-Mechanical Department / Acting Construction Supervision Director.


Group photo of Omrania’s management team, including the company’s new Board of Directors, junior partners, executive directors, and heads of departments. Photo © Omrania.


With its new Board of Directors in place, Omrania is focused on serving our clients and taking on new challenges across the fields of architecture, engineering, and design.