Omrania’s Architect Joins NEOM Residency for Urban Vision

Sulaiman Al Homran, Lead Architect at Omrania, was selected to participate in the NEOM Young Architects Residency Program in Venice. The program, which was a collaboration between NEOM Urban Planning and the Architecture & Design Commission of the Ministry of Culture, focused on the future of urbanism and livability.

The initiative took place in Venice from July 7th to July 13th and challenged the boundaries of urban design, encouraging participants to explore innovative methods guided by the concept of Zero Gravity Urbanism. It brought together 10 young Saudi practitioners, including architects, urban designers, planners, and artists, creating a collaborative environment with mentors from the field.

At the heart of this program were the Young Architects Residency studios, where participants worked on short and intensive projects with guidance from design instructors. These studios, located in Venice, provided an inspiring backdrop for the architects. The residency was known for its experimental nature, allowing architects to create 3D-printed models using 3D printing machines and engaging in daily review sessions to refine their ideas.

The core challenge of the program was to design a futuristic city while considering real-world challenges. Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of urban planning and design through knowledge sharing. Omrania congratulates Sulaiman on an excellent presentation and his valuable contribution to shaping the future of urban vision. This achievement reinforces Omrania’s unwavering commitment to cultivating talent and championing sustainable, forward-thinking design practices.



As an architecture and engineering firm, Omrania stands at the forefront of innovation, making a significant impact among architecture firms in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with its sustainable and forward-thinking designs.