Omrania Participates in 2018 Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference

The Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2018 was attended by over 1,500 delegates, including six Omrania partners. Photo © Ali Al-Mubarak.


The 13th installment of the international conference, attended by six Omrania partners and senior Directors, reaffirmed the Kingdom’s commitment to the goals of Vision 2030. Architecture and sustainable urban planning remain central to the nation’s ambitious economic development framework.


Omrania was pleased to attend the Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference in Riyadh on 2-3 May 2018. The company was represented by Mr. Basem Al-Shihabi, the Managing Director; Mr. Othman Al-Washmi, Director; Mr. Abdulsalam Haddad, Director of Business Development and Marketing; Mr. Majdi El-Shami, Technical Director; Mr. Mahmoud Abughazal, Head of Architectural & Interior Design, and junior partners Mr. Meshal AlButhie, Mr. Suleman AlHomran, and Mr. Abdulrahman AlSamhan.


The Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2018. Photo © Euromoney Conferences
The Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2018. Photo © Euromoney Conferences
The Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2018. Photo © Euromoney Conferences
Omrania at the Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference2018. Left to right: Mr. Suleman AlHomran, Mr. Meshal AlButhie, Mr. Basem Al-Shihabi, Mr. Othman Al-Washmi, Mr. Abdulsalam Haddad, Mr. Abdulrahman AlSamhan. Photo © Omrania
Mr. Basem Al-Shihabi, Managing Director of Omrania, speaks with a delegate at the Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2018. Photo © Omrania


Total attendance at the closely watched conference included 1,526 Saudi and international policy makers, business people, and professionals. Some of Saudi Arabia’s top ministers gave talks. A majority of the delegates were Saudi but 19 countries were represented. Omrania had an exhibition booth where delegates could learn about the role of architecture in the country’s overall development plans. The Omrania partners also interacted personally with government officials, private-sector financiers, and other professionals who have a hand in the growth and diversification of the nation’s economy.

Some of the key takeaways of the conference had significant implications for architecture. According to an executive summary issued after the conference, “New cities and investment in the tourism sector will be major drivers for real estate development.” While this statement is relevant to macro and economic development, it also suggests future opportunities in the realm of urban design and architecture. In the spirit of Vision 2030, the anticipated wave of development should set a new standard for design excellence and sustainability.