Omrania Directors Salute Team Members Working from Home


Amid the pain and difficulties of the covid-19 pandemic, Omrania’s leadership team sends a message of hope and appreciation to our hard-working colleagues and staff members who continue working from home.

“This is a thank-you note to all colleagues at Omrania for keeping work going through this worldwide crisis,” says Basem Al-Shihabi, Managing Director and co-founder of Omrania, at the beginning of the three-minute video created by Omrania’s Board of Directors. The video includes personal messages of encouragement and thanks from the Directors to everyone who is bravely facing the challenges at hand.

While Omrania’s offices are closed, the company’s ability to continue working remotely has revealed the strength and resilience of our team. It also helps strengthen our relationships with our valued clients. “I appreciate all the efforts being done by everyone to keep this company floating through these times,” says Othman Al-Washmi, Director of Omrania’s operations in Saudi Arabia. Abdulsalam Al-Hadad, Director of Marketing and Business Development, says, “This is a challenge that I believe will make each and every one of us stronger and a better person. It will also add to Omrania’s long history of resilience.”

The video also includes statements from Directors Majdi El-Shami (Technical Director), Mahmoud Abughazal (Head of Architecture and Interior Design), Mutasem Diab (Director for Jordan), Rukn Eldeen Mohammed (Senior Project Manager), Maher Shkoukani (Senior Project Manager), and Hisham Al-Weher (Corporate Financial Manager).

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by the virus, whether personally or via family members, colleagues or friends. The Directors look forward to the day when employees and teams will once again work side-by-side in the company’s offices. Until then, says Basem Al-Shihabi, “We hope you and your family will stay healthy and safe. We need you with us for the rest of the journey.”