Sunlit SEC Atrium Lobbies Promote Employee Wellness

The four sunlit, plant-filled atriums of the SEC Headquarters represent a culture of health and collaboration, and help create smaller communities within the office campus. Photo © SEC employees


Employee health, well-being and job satisfaction are central to the future of workplace design. The Omrania-designed Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) Headquarters campus in Riyadh is designed to increase the quality of life of the people who work there, simultaneously fostering employee satisfaction and productivity. The four sunlit, plant-filled atriums embody this emphasis on wellness and collaboration.


Health, wellness, social interaction, and collaboration are some of the goals that drove the design and engineering of the SEC Headquarters campus on the northern edge of Riyadh. Working closely with the client, Omrania designed the headquarters as one of the most desirable and sustainable places to work in the Gulf region. In addition to featuring a series of environmentally sustainable technologies, such as an enormous rooftop solar array, the award-winning development offers a number of amenities designed to enhance employee well-being and job satisfaction, as well as productivity. Each of the campus’s four interconnected office buildings has its own daylit, 5-story-high atrium to welcome employees and accommodate flexible meetings. Building services and systems maintain optimal air quality, including rapid rates of fresh air turnover. Employees also have access to a wellness center, gym, and clinic, and outdoor shaded paths for walking.

As workplace design continues to evolve, employee wellness and healthy lifestyle options are likely to become increasing priorities. Visit the project page for more information.

SEC employees photographed the 5-story atriums that bring daylight into each of the four office blocks and promote health and collaboration. Photo © SEC employees


As an architecture and engineering firm, Omrania stands at the forefront of innovation, making a significant impact among architecture firms in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with its sustainable and forward-thinking designs.