SEC Headquarters Features High-Performance Building Envelope Design

External shading devices help the SEC Headquarters buildings achieve rigorous energy performance targets. Photo © SEC employees


Conceived as a new model of energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable design in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) Headquarters includes a 1.2-megawatt rooftop solar array and a high-performance building envelope that minimizes solar gain while filtering daylight within the work environment.


From conception through construction, Omrania worked with the client, SEC, to design and engineer a next-generation headquarters campus. The central building and four office blocks are clad in a sophisticated building envelope system that achieves high thermal resistance values via insulated, low-e coated glazing and external shading devices. By deflecting the sun’s rays while admitting indirect sunlight, the system of louvers and canopies help reduce the cooling load and overall energy demand on the 265,000-square-meter development. Offices and amenities are distributed across five interconnected buildings and the surrounding “wadi” garden landscape comprising one city block.

Advanced curtain wall design is core to Omrania’s design and engineering expertise. Visit the project page for more information.

The SEC Headquarters includes external shading devices facing the “wadi” garden landscape. Photos © SEC employees


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