How to Grow a Forest in the Desert

King Salman Park, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Photo © King Salman Park


Plans for King Salman Park, the future largest urban park in the world, include planting an emerald-green forest of a million trees. Omrania is working with our client and collaborators to transform the former desert airport site into a lush urban forest.


According to the project’s evolving design, the first step will be to transform the flat landscape into a site with hills and valleys that provide shelter from the sun and the wind. Plants will flourish in new microclimates and habitats. The once-arid site will be organized into deep, cool wadis (valleys) that branch out from the center, reaching out to the city. Next, the soil will be reformulated with materials and nutrients to retain water and support plant life. Ultra-efficient water systems will directly enter the root systems to minimize evaporation.

Combining engineering with nature, King Salman Park will host an abundance of trees and plant life — a great forest in the heart of Riyadh.


King Salman Park, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Video © King Salman Park